November 2015 Poetry Competition results.

1st   Roger Elkin   Pear Blossom

2nd  Tim Harvey   The Lonsdale Hundred

3rd   Vicki Morley   Helix aspersa

4th  Catherine Foster  The Wind in the Calais Djangel

5th  Dominic James   In Istanbul



Pear Blossom                                                                                    


Swollen buds at stem-tip

with skin-thin husks,



and hints of mint-green leaf,

furredbeneath, tacky from sap

that lacquers your hands.


Urgent their burgeoning

in translucent whites, milk-bright,

but tinged with pink stigmata


their faces leaning towards light,

mouths agapein five-petalled keenings:

so many,          so sudden.


And their scent, hanging

over gardens: a headiness



ina pall that summons fruitflies

and beesto knead stamen

and anthers, easing out pollen


with their Spring abandon.

Then a hush of release,

like a gasping after desire


and a wedding-confetti petal-fall

across orchard lawns

in premonitions of Autumn.


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